Pause All Sending


I need to make an adjustment to my server. How can I easily and safely pause 100% of sending on the server, and then have it restart where it left off after I've finished what I need to do?



Looking for something a bit more elegant if there is such an option. I'm aware I can pause campaigns manually but I have so many different campaigns and automations running in different customers etc... Was just curious if one of the backend switches would completely pause every sending the software was doing for about an hour and then restart it when I'm ready.

Worst case scenario I can go through and do it all manually.


Staff member
You can put the application offline. When you do this, mailwizz will wait for the running cron jobs to finish and will not start new ones.
Alternatively, you can simply disable the cron jobs.
The key here is also to wait for the current cron jobs to stop.