pass a form parameter to "sub exist" page


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I am trying a few days to get to deliver the eBooks for my users and a person from a suggestion in the forum that I found interesting, but I am not able to implement.

In my form has a variable called EBOOK, I need to pass the value of it to the redirect link when the user already exists in the list, so I release the download to it, even though it has already downloaded it.

How could I do this?
Hello, it worked, I can get the value of 'EBOOK' in this way, but it is not the value that the user selected in the form is the value that is saved in mailwizz. Is there any other way to do this?

Right... because if the subscriber exists, no information is ever saved but the subscriber is redirected.
That's a bummer :-s

I see you've wasted quite a time with this, can you please open a support ticket where we can both talk and find the best way for you to achieve what you are after?
Please explain me in details and we will see what we can do.
If it is the same ebook for the whole list, then you can hard code it into the sub exist redirect page and avoid any field value call.