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...I will be creating in depth video tutorials, guides, lessons and much more and will maintain them for every release / update of mailwizz to give everyone the best possible understanding of mailwizz from the ground up and show people how they can build custom themes for the entire frontend, backend and emailing system, custom build apis and so on.
...I will be starting the above to help both new users, intermediate and advanced users of mailwizz and help you all build your own very successful marketing platforms using the mailwizz framework / application.

Looking fwd to it, please post any
# tutorials, guides, lessons
# how to build custom themes for front/backend/mail sys/custom api/etc
that's great! post for any help you need, so whoever has time and loves to help can chip-in. sometimes it is just atiny bit of info that makes a stuck situation get going ;)
just did one file of a translation...100 more to go!
Hello there!

i would like to suggest a support plan per semester or annual, so you pay this amount and you have access to support by tickets and upgrades from the term purchased.

whmcs start like you then they migrate to this mode.
They have a fast track support, you pay and one time amount to scale your ticket to get priority (resp. 5 minutes)