Overriding customer group settings


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Maybe this is possible, but I haven't seen it...

Is it possible to set customer settings, most importantly...
  • sending quota
  • sending quota time value
  • sending quota time unit
  • max number of lists
  • number of subscribers
  • max number of subscribers per list

...mainly the settings found under "Lists" and "Quota counters", but possibly also the rest of some of the settings that makes sense, be set on a customer level instead of only on a customer group level? If not it would be great if this was possible in the way that if set for a specific customer, this would override the group settings for that specific customer.
(and this would of course have to be done by the admin on the backend side)

The disadvantages with the current static setup is quite obvious. Imagine having a big amount of customers belonging to one customer group, then a set of these customers needs more resources (lists, sending quota etc) then you would need to create a new group that you need to move these customers to. Then after a while a subset of this set of customers need to get another setup and so on. It could be something as trivial as having different sending quota per customer, like if you have a price plan that is related to the max number of emails that can be sent per month.
Sure, we can fix this ourselves, but I think it would be good for all of the community to have it as part of the standard platform.

If you only have 10 customers this is not a big problem, but if you have 100+ customers it will be a big problem.

How about this @twisted1919 ? Should we do it ourselves or could you consider to implement it as part of the standard platform?

What about the rest of you who have a larger amount of customers using MW, how have you solved it?
@OptiBiz1 - I don't think i'll be adding per customer limits as i don't actually see any benefit with this but i know for sure it will add additional complexity that i don't think we need.
What i mean is that, even if you'd had per customer settings/limits, you'd still need to edit as much as you would for groups, so why not simply create a group specific to the user then?
Anyway, feel free to integrate this via an extension if needed be, i am sure it's very doable ;)
Our pricing is dependent on e.g. number of messages per month and a customer will be able to select that themsełves. Based on this and what set of features (e.g. Responsive Template Editor, Bulk SMS, A/B testing, Deep Analytics etc) the price will be determined. A customer will be able to choose the number of messages with a dynamically generated price plan. If a customer thereafter wants to increase the number of messages per month, the consequences is that a new group needs to be created and that the customer needs to be moved to that group. That requires manual work and in a setup where most things is automated, that's not the optimal way ahead.
That's why.
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