Overall application statistics


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Is there a solution to have overall statistics on mailwizz usage?

Number of emails sent per month, etc.
@Pierre - Here's a screenshot with some info from the new feature:
You can filter by date and even export those stats. These stats will be shown globally but also per campaign basis and in customer area for each customer. While it might not seem so, this was a huge feature.

Please note that after upgrade, it might take a while for the stats to show up since we need to collect them each hour.
I assume in about a week or so there will be plenty of data, after upgrade.

Anyway, whats most important is that we started collecting this data, so the way we show it is really not relevant at the moment, in future, we might be able to draw more info from there and show the data in a more interesting way.
Hello Cristian

This is a very good point, because it is a simple solution for customers, as well as for server monitoring.

Thank you very much for this feature, I can't wait to try it ;)
An idea :

If you want to reduce the statistical part over time (like the database), you should offer an option to delete campaigns completed for more than XX days/month.

Automatic cleaning of the oldest elements.