Open up services marketplace

Jose Vega

Hi @twisted1919 I love mailwizz, but due to the nature of the app, it takes a lot of time to set up . I´ve lost almost an entire week just to set up delivery servers, DNS, etc.

It would be great is you open a marketplace where people like me can hire an expert to set the app up for us.

For instance, now I need to set up redis but I dont even know what that is. I´d rather pay someone else to do it.

What do you think?
There was a forum dedicated to this, called job opportunities which was online till a few weeks ago and nobody posted any job there so i decided to close it.
However, i have enabled it now ( ) and you can post your request there and hope somebody will have time to do it. But please, mind to whom you handle your server details, i can't control this.