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Hi there, I'm new to MailWizz and this community, I've purchased it recently and started my first campaigns.

I've added:

Reply Tracker for MailWizz EMA

Automation Flow Builder for MailWizz EMA

extensions and since then, open rate & click rate are not working (the other parameters tracked seems to work just fine - unsubscribe and bounce rate).

I've removed the extensions but again the same issue. (I've added their cron jobs as well)

Can you assist me here?

I have MailWizz version 2.2.8.


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I see it shows open rate, but when the list is bigger (300+ contacts) it doesn't show it. Thank you in advance for your assistance
@borce.manev90 - There is no reason to work for small list but not for larger lists, the workflow is the same in both cases.
Are you sure that your subscribers actually get the email? because your smtp server might not deliver, and this might be the case why you don't see opens.
Having the same issue, sent 2 test campaigns and my stats are still at 0 everywhere, but I can guarantee that the email was opened, since it was sent to myself and my colleague and we both opened it.

I believe the issue might be related to Google workspace emails as I can see the tracking pixel at the end of the email, but the URL is changed, and when I open it, it leads to a 404 not found error page. The URL of the image looks like this:

Interestingly, when using the interface of the platform Labnify, it seems that their tracking pixel that also has the Google proxy is working ( So, I am confused as to where the issue comes from, but one thing for certain is that all MailWizz tracking pixel seems to redirect to a 404 page.
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@hipnodepr - does the url itself works if you remove the google part?
Also, are you using ssl?

Good catch! It seems that the issue comes from the tracking domain as it doesn't work on HTTP but works on HTTPS (gives an error as there's no SSL certificate valid). I am using HTTP for the tracking domains, but MailWizz is using HTTPS, I guess that adding a SSL certificate to these tracking domains would solve the issue.

To solve this issue, I had to set the proxy setting on for the tracking domain, change the SSL settings to Full (Strict) and activate the Always Use HTTPS.
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