open rate is not working


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Hi there, I'm new to MailWizz and this community, I've purchased it recently and started my first campaigns.

I've added:

Reply Tracker for MailWizz EMA

Automation Flow Builder for MailWizz EMA

extensions and since then, open rate & click rate are not working (the other parameters tracked seems to work just fine - unsubscribe and bounce rate).

I've removed the extensions but again the same issue. (I've added their cron jobs as well)

Can you assist me here?

I have MailWizz version 2.2.8.


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I see it shows open rate, but when the list is bigger (300+ contacts) it doesn't show it. Thank you in advance for your assistance
@borce.manev90 - There is no reason to work for small list but not for larger lists, the workflow is the same in both cases.
Are you sure that your subscribers actually get the email? because your smtp server might not deliver, and this might be the case why you don't see opens.