OPcache reliable?

enabling OpCache

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Joseph smith

New Member
HI everyone,

a simple question I just want to know if Opcache could able to be trusted on mailwizz platform any unstable or bad circumstances that I could be confronting.

in addition, all settings could be set in default settings.

what is your recommendation.

best regards.
if so, what is your basic recommendation?

1) enabling OpCache on opcache.enable=1
2) Enabling OpCache on opcache.enable_cli=1 ? do I set 1 or 0.

or is there any other variable that you are recommending to set on or off.

best regards
You just have to enable it, for web and cli, that's all, no need for additional tunning, defaults are fine for most of the app, mailwizz included.
Just keep one aspect in mind, with opcache enabled when you do file changes, it might take a goof while for them to get reflected, you might need to even restart the php process to see them.
maybe and @twisted1919 one more question regard of it, what happens if a user a certain user update their data to Mailwizz won't be cached? because it is mysql in this case? or not... it is a doubt in this case.

in short, IF a user change personal data this data won't be affected when I segment them on each Campaign? shouldn't cached because it's MYSQL right
@Joseph smith - they do different things. the php opcache is used for PHP to cache it's code to not compile it at each request while redis cache and mutex are used at application level, so different things.