Only a fraction of emails are actually sent

Reid Kersey

New Member
I am having a weird problem. All of my test emails sent fine, but I about 2 hours ago, I sent out a campaign to 1,161 people and SES is reporting that only 418 (and I think 18 of those were the test emails) have been sent.

On the campaigns page, MailWizz is saying that it sent 100% of the emails. I don't know if it matters, but the campaign was sent to a list segment.

Also SES is reporting a non-zero (0.02) bounce rate, and MailWizz is reporting 0 for all stats (opens, clicks, unsubscribe, complaints, bounces)

Amazon SES Web API
Sending Via:
No bounce servers, feedback loop servers or email box monitors setup
Chron: Defaults except for -- Max bounce rate 4, Max complaint rate .05
SNS endpoint with the name MWZSESHANDLER1 was created by MailWizz
The MailWizz IAM user has Full permissions on SES and SNS
@Reid Kersey - In your campaign overview, click the counter in the right of the Recipients, this will show you in details the emails that were sent for that campaign and the status of the sending process.

As for bounces, if you see the ses handler, this is fine, it means that mailwizz can receive data from ses, now ses has to just send it over.
@twisted1919 I double checked on the details. All 1161 emails say they were sent successfully, but I just find it really weird that SES is reporting only 418 sent, and there are 0 opens.
@Reid Kersey - Not sure what to tell you, but if mailwizz says X emails have been sent, then it has sent those X emails.
Maybe some of those emails where in amazon's blacklists and amazon didn't deliver...