On the Fly Modification in core files of Mailwizz

pradeep sharma

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Hi Every one,
Is there any way to modify the Core files to virtually on the fly using any modification engine as used in Opencart i.e VqMod or OcMod.

We are using Vqmod and Ocmod to our E-commerce Store developed using Opencart

Its a modification system which modify the Core files on the fly using search and Modify technique using XML.
by using this there is no need to touch the Core files of the System. all modification(business logic) is defined in a XML file which on run time serves the modified version of core files. It is very useful as it when ever we need to upgrade the version we can do that and we just need to change only in our XML file to match changes in new version.
have any one done that with Mailwizz.
@twisted1919 do u have any plan to incorporate it in near future.

as it will open a multi dimensional door to developers who wants to develop/modify or change the default working of mailwizz to as per their own requirement without worrying about version update.


We have extensions from where you can hook in the entire application, heck you can even replace controllers/views from an extension.
If you want to see all application action hooks you can hook into, then from command line run a command like:
grep -rnw 'public_html/apps/' -e "doAction("
Want to see all filter hooks? then:
grep -rnw 'public_html/apps/' -e "applyFilters("

Clear example, hook into each and every controller when some form is saved and add some notification message:
Yii::app()->hooks->addAction('controller_action_save_data', function($collection){
     Yii::app()->notify->addInfo( 'Controller:' .  $collection->controller->id . ', action: ' . $collection->controller->action->id );
The app is full of action and filters in all the key places, it's up to you to find them and hook into them at the right time ;)

L.E: Beside the extensions from the app (apps/common/extensions) that you can study, you can also look into this one: https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/customer-area-menu-items.6/