Off topic question: Did you have considered creating an app for surveys by you Twested?

Hello @Fabyc,

I'm using Web Form Builder, very awesome cloud based Survey Form + Web Form service. Which I'm using in production with MailWizz at extremely cheap monthly cost of $10 with Unlimited Forms + Unlimited Submissions with Attachments ;)

Why I'm using a external cloud based service? Is because @twisted1919 have lot of work on MailWizz to be completed before this external requirement could be embedded in MailWizz. Also, I feel if it will be a part of MailWizz then it will also be making impact over the MailWizz performance.

Hope that helps your query :D
@Fabyc - That's an interesting idea, i don't think i am going to do soemthing like this thugh because this would take me away from mailwizz, which is something i don't want right now because i still have dozens things to do ;)
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