Not receiving data from webhooks


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Hi there,
I have a few Mandrill and a few Amazon SES accounts in my Mailwizz. I noticed I don't have any bounce logs for all of the mandrill accounts. I have been receiving bounce logs for 1 SES account, but have stopped receiving them about a week ago. I have a couple new amazon accounts and I get bounce logs for them, so the cron seems to be working. What else could it be? Can you help me out? Thanks.


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@mikrokosm - mandrill is going to discontinue their service, so you should not rely on them anymore.
Relating to ses, if it works for one, it should work for all, not sure what to tell you. To be sure, we're talking about WEB API server types, right?


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I created a new amazon iam user and recreated the servers and it seems to be working now. Strange.
Not mandrill though. As far as I know, mandrill is moving to mailchimp, not totally discontinuing their service...


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Not sure what you mean, are they discontinuing the
# free package
# API, but keep the smtp
# all 3rd party sending, making it all a web SAAS (as mailchimp)

Found the answers here
ie, no more free package, all else merged into mailchimp, must have any monthly package as minimum, see link for tech details.
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