No statistics from SendInBlue server


Hi. Has anyone else had a problem with Opens and Clicks being returned by SIB? I see that the Webhook URL is registered in our SIB account. But it does not have check-marks for Clicks and Opens. There is a warning not to Alter it.

Oh and the message in "Info" on the Server Screen in MW says..."Make Sure the Webhook has been created."
Created at SendInBlue? Created in MailWizz?

Also I see N/A in the Clicks column. Please don't tell me that I must select Click Tracking with every Campaign I create?

Any advice?
Check if it is the correct webhook by seeing the [ i ] in the top right corner of your delivery server in mailwizz.
Mark all the above checks, if you want SendInBlue to track opens and clicks (and transmit all other delivery info), and save the settings, then it should work.
@ frm.mwz

Thanks for the answer.
Yes the URL is exactly the same in MW and SIB.
You said...
Mark all the above checks, if you want SendInBlue to track opens and clicks, and save the settings, then it should work.
What I want is for the Clicks and opens to be sent to Mailwizz. Is that what you meant by SIB saving the settings?
I am clearly confused.
What I want is for the Clicks and opens to be sent to Mailwizz.
Each campaign, by default, has enabled clicks and opens tracking. Use that.
If any 3rd-party give syou the option to track clicks, disable it. Clicks and opens tracking is done from mailwizz.

Webhooks are used for bounce/spam processing, they have nothing to do with clicks and opens.
Thx twisted1919,
Still can't figure out why I'm not seeing Stats for SendInBlue. So far the only servers that work for us delivering metrics that way are Amazon and Elastic Email. MailRelay is also a FAIL so far. I wish we could find at least one more 3rd party SMTP that simply hooks up to MailWizz and works as advertised. SparkPost seemed to work OK but they suspend accounts sometimes for no discernible reason. We don't need that kind of foolishness. Whereas Amazon SES has increased our sending limit to 250,000 daily because they like our metrics.
What I want is for the Clicks and opens to be sent to Mailwizz.
If you have a tracking domain and it is configured between mailwizz and sendinblue, then this should be the one you see for rewritten links in your emails. If you have no tracking domain configured in mailwizz, then you might only get tracking via sendinblue if enabled there.

find at least one more 3rd party SMTP that simply hooks up to MailWizz and works as advertised
If you use smtp, you will need a tracking domain configured in mailwizz and enable opens/clicks tracking in each campaign. This usually works solidly for all smtp, as it is handled from mwz end.
@frm.mwz Thank you for mentioning the difference between SMTP and Web API. SendInBlue was added via the Web API set up in MailWizz specifically for SIB.

@twisted1919 I expect to see the same statistics that I see for Amazon SES Web API like the following:
USCCA-6-20-17-engaged-nth9 Engaged-non-aol-3-nth9 6/21/17, 11:26 AM Sent (100%) 892 (7.592%) 35 (0.298%) 226 (1.887%) 15 (0.125%)
But what I see for SendInBlue is:
Test MR alljohn list #1 test - alljohn 6/21/17, 10:28 AM Sent (100%) 4 (50%) N/A 0 (0%) 0 (0%)

I get Opens but N/A for Clicks and 0 for everything else. When I look at the SIB dashboard I see Opens, Clicks...all the data that Amazon returns.That was a test sent to 8 email addresses that I own... used for testing like this. So I can confirm the Opens and Clicks.

The delivery does work however. I am wondering how many MailWizz customers have SIB as a Delivery Server and they get all the stats.
@Papapooch - I havent used SIB for a long time, so i decided to try it today, i validated the delivery server and send a test campaign to one person, and that registered the open/click just fine, in SIB:
Screenshot 2017-06-22 17.47.44.png

But also in mailwizz:
Screenshot 2017-06-22 17.49.15.png

So, as far as i see, it all works fine.

P.S: My recommendation is to disable click/open tracking from SIB and let mailwizz handle this.
OK thanks twisted. I will try that. If it doesn't work I may just remove the SIB Delivery server and add it again. Maybe I did something wrong. Is there a tutorial just for SIB server? Just wondering.
Oh yes...and my co-worker Jyll has requested that the Emails Sent be shown on the Campaign Summary screen. She is the "email traffic manager" and skirts the boundaries of our daily sending limits on various servers. She said that it would help greatly if we are getting close to our limits. I will let her know about the Limits Settings in Servers Management area.
@Papapooch - I use my own servers nowadays, most of them anyway. I used to use sparkpost but i had issues with them. I also am using mailgun from time to time. But don't take me as example, my usage will differ from all people around here, use whatever makes more sense to you ;)
I was looking at a recent campaign I sent via SIB. I see that I forgot to check URL tracking. Is that the same as Click Tracking? Does it need to be checked to get Clicks?
Campaign options

Open tracking yes
Url tracking no
Json feed no
Xml feed yes
Plain text email yes
Just thought you might like to know. After I Uninstalled SendInBlue as a delivery server from Mailwizz, Deleted the Webhooks entry from the SIB Dashboard and Re-installed SIB...I started getting stats returned and displayed.

Thx for the help
I am having a similar issue. The stats are showing in mailwizz but not in SiB. I haven't added any web hooks yet. I couldn't find a plugin for mailwizz in SiB. They had pretty much every integration except for MW :(