"No Input File Specified" - Godaddy Managed Wordpress


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Hello, I've been stuck on this issue for a while now. Upon installation of Mailwizz to my Managed Wordpress site (No Cpanel, yes FTP, no write permissions on phpMyAdmin for databases) I installed it to the user database already with it rather than making a new database. The only other issue is that the Managed Wordpress uses a shared IP....

Here's the link to where I have it installed:
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Though when you hit login... "No Input File Specified" therefore I'm unable to open the app...

Things I've tried that haven't made a difference:
- Enabling debugging mode
- Adding code to .htaccess (likely the solution)
- adding code to function.php, index.php
- Disabling all plugins
- All folders have proper permissions
- Changing PHP to 8.0 or 8.2
- Flush DNS cache

Is this relevant?
This thread

If a workaround can be found in my circumstance great,

If not, then I will likely switch to a "business plan" with Cpanel and a dedicated IP address...

Let me know !