No group, just customer


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Hi there, I'm new to the forum but been using the platform from February.
I have customers that wants customized settings, like send 8500mail/month or 10mail/month and use for example 2 mail server or 3 mail servers custom or not. Is there a way to make this available to them by NOT making individual customers groups for each one?
@twisted1919 and one more question.
Is there a way to send some sort of notification when a user reached his quota? I use it as a limit and block the user from sending more but i don't know when he reaches it thus resulting in paused campaigns.
Either you need to track when it reset quota.

Or you can monitor customer limit in Customer list and then reset quota manually.
So, the answer is: no there is no way to send a notification when reaching quota or changing group by reaching quota.
Did i receive correct?

I know how to keep track of clients when reaching quota, but sometimes this may happen when i am asleep, so i need some kind of notification.
Thank you both guys for giving me those helpful information. I will be looking for the new quota logic then.