No bounces or feedbacks



So I started rolling out my IP warm up a few days ago and so far everything seemed fine. I thought it was weird that I wasn't seeing any bounces or complains but thought maybe the slow speed plus it was my actives list was playing a positive roll.

Earlier today I decided to dig into my MTA and saw logs were being generated for them but MW was not processing them.

I've checked and rechecked my inbox settings for my bounces server and even ran test emails to the inbox and everything seemed like it was working.

I decided to give this a shot:
And finally got it working. Processed the first batch that was generated and it seemed like it worked. But again, in the backend of MW... nada.

Can anyone give me some insight, maybe something to read up on? Why wouldn't bounces be getting worked out and put into the MW system?


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@avidns - the way pmta processes the bounces is very different and this is why you need a special tool like the one you linked, which takes the bounces from pmta and using mailwizz's api, send the bounces to mailwizz.
If you get nothing to mailwizz, maybe double check the API credentials you used for the above library.


OK it looks like my relay can't talk to my mailwizz install:

[03/Jan/2019 17:08:41] Endpoint-URL=
[03/Jan/2019 17:09:13] Failed connecting to, check conncetivity!

And I see no reason for it to not. I've got the IP address whitelisted within the API settings.

The public and private keys are correct. When I attempt to manually process the bounces, it takes an extra few seconds on the above-mentioned portion.


It doesn't, I've tried. and as far as I can tell in my iptables, the servers can talk to one another.


I just realized you said "all ips" -- maybe I haven't. How do I do that? by removing the whitelisted IP? If so, yes I have tried that.


Alright, ignore me here. The relay's OWN firewall was stopping it from talking to MW... I'm not an expert sysadmin but I've never seen something like that before.