No Bounce info through Amazon SES


Hi, I'm testing SES via API and it works excellent.

Problem is that I don't get bouncing info. Why ?

I see this in a small test campaign:


And I see this in my SES panel:


So I don't know what are my bounces !

I previously checked this post just in case, ( but nothing

Now what ? is this a bug ? maybe I did anything wrong ?

Anyone can help ?

Check your amazon account and see if you have any SNS Topic pointing to your mailwizz app. If you don't, that's tour issue, the sns topic hasn't been created because the api keys used to create the delivery server belong to a IAM user with limited priviledges.
Well, after 500 test emails later, I could verify that some bounces appeared in SES and not appearing in MailWizz, so I really think this is not working. Cero bounces in panel.

Now what to do ?

So I have the same problem but in my case, when I send my second campaign with the same list, thís time mailwizz inform me about the bounces just like aws ses have in their stats.
- Then what is the problem here? Is this have anything to do with my email verified with delivery server different vs email used for FROM/REPLY
- How can I get mailwizz show me bounces right on the first time time I send my campaign with my list?
@iitob - if you get the bounces, you get them because amazon posts them, so as far as we are concerned, things work just fine.
my advice is to upgrade to latest version, 1.8.6 as we speak, as it contains some amazon fixes which might help you.