New version did't count emails properly


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Hello @twisted1919,
new version of MW did't count emails send properly also have issue with quota too.
for example
1. When i check total email send count in MW and then check total emails send in PowerMTA its different.
2. Second, If customer have quota of 1M emails per month but MW allow that customer to send 100K plus emails, see attachment.

if you see this customer quota is 1M but MW allow to send "one million, one hundred one thousand, two hundred sixty-seven" its not 1 thousand more its more than 100K more.

3. third: most of time i did't show proper customer sending info like in morning one customer sending quota was showing 1% used while in after noon it shows 100% used.

I think is happening due to Cache system which you introduce in new version or some other reason, could you please look into it as i heard same from other MW user too.

Yeah, i have this in mind for checks, i know there are some issues here and there, best results you'll have if you'll use redis as a cache server instead of file cache. I'll see if we have a driver available for this and add it for next release.