New Skin - some changes not showing


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I have created a new skin and some of the new styles are showing, others are not even after clearing my cache. I have based my new stylesheet off one of the existing and have noticed the items that are not change are listed below


Everything above it works fine.
Yeah there is something else going on here. I have tried the !important property and can see the file on the server has the new color and the !important after it. When I view in my browser (several) and inspect the element, it's showing the old color without the !important property. I wasn't sure if there was some other cache that needs to be cleared.
There's no server side cache if this is what you ask, if you clear the browser cache, it should be enough.
well let me back up and explain my process to see if anything stands out. I went into the skins folder on my server, copied an existing skin (red), renamed it and changed all of the colors from red to orange. Then went in the back end under customizations and selected that skin.
If you've renamed it, in your browser inspector is it calling the newly named css file or the old one.
I finally got this working by deleting the file from the server completely and changing to a different theme. Then I reuploaded the new theme to the server and selected it in the backend. Now it seems to be working.