New Extension - AI Assistant - Chat GPT Integration


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Hello everyone,

This is just a quick reminder that starting with MailWizz 2.2.14, we included a new core extension in the app, it is an integration with ChatGPT like a chat system which allows you to directly communicate with ChatGPT from inside your MailWizz app.

You can read more about this release at

Thank you.
Is it possiblee to edit this someewhere into better english? Is it in a file?

"Kindly be informed that the responses given may not be entirely precise.
The initial conversation commences with the standard settings, and any modification to the settings necessitates initiating a new conversation.
Please take time to peruse the settings tooltips to grasp how each setting influences the AI responses."
Please be aware that the AI responses given may not be perfect and are dependent on the settings.
Changing settings resets the AI learning and may give a different response than was provided previously.
Please experiment with the settings to undrstand how each one affects the AI response to obtain the best results for your specific need.