New customers

This ius tricky, i would say use the api to create them after the customer has been created but you have to have the api keys first, so i don't really see how you could achieve this without hacking core files.
@twisted1919 I too would like to create a new customer with the use of the API, but as you posted previously, the challenge is that the API keys must already exist in order for us to use the API. What do you think about this proposed "solution?"
  1. What if I were to in the backend create a generic/admin customer account with associated API keys that I would then use solely for the purpose of creating new customers?
  2. After using this generic-account-associated-API-keys, could I then call the existing API generation method(s) (or clone them so that I hack past the foreign key constraint in the mw_customer_api_key table) to create new API keys for this new customer account?
I think that I still have some additional challenges. I see ( that I can create a new customer account without the need for API keys. Immediately after creating a new customer account though, I would like to create (import) a new list for this newly created customer. That means that at this point I need API keys.

Can you suggest what approach to take so that I could then programmatically generate the API keys for this new customer?