Need some support, recommendations and how-tos

Øystein Thune

New Member

I have a 16GB 4 cores Ubuntu 16.04 VPS and I have installed Mailwizz. I will use it for 3-4 customers with lists from 10 to 50 000 subcribers. They require their own sending domains.

I will prefer to send through the VPS with maybe Postix?? (which I have installed). But now I'm not sure how I shall proceed setting this up safe and secure and the best way for Mailwizz to connect to the delivery server. I think I could just use the php mail function, but not sure if that's a good solution.

So I need some (paid) support/guidance setting up the best delivery/bounce servers solutuion etc for these 3 customers.

Øystein Thune