Need Professional Installation and setup.


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I'm looking for someone who can give me a quote and implement the following:

1) Conduct a Skype or telephone conference to answer questions about Mailwizz setup;

These are the primary questions:
  • Best hosting providers, account size and configuration for what we want to do.
  • Do you have experience setting up in an Amazon EC-2 instance and do you recommend it?
  • Best practices for managing setup of accounts for clients with their own Amazon SES or other mailing account.
2) Install and set up Mailwizz;

3) Activate and integrate with Amazon SES from my Amazon account;

4) Test and confirm everything is functioning.

We intend to test this with our own usage but then offer our clients accounts on the service. Most of the clients will be small locally owned businesses with relatively small mailing lists, typically less than 5,000 email addresses. We will probably administer their accounts for them but we may give them direct access too.
Still need assistance?

PS. We will be able to provide a consultation for FREE based on our 13+ years experience and with upto 50M emails/day.