Need developer to build delivery server / extension template for ESPs with only SMTP and webhook event notifications.

Good afternoon.

I am inquiring finding for a developer to help build a few customer delivery server templates, or extensions (not sure which is the best way to go) for ESPs that do not have an API connection, and instead use SMTP and offer webhooks for spam complaints, unsubs, and bounces. We are able to collect the data on endpoints I have written, however I need help integrating that information into Mailwizz in a meaningful way; that is to say, taking those spam complaints that the ESP records on their side, webhooks back to us, and then remove those subscribers from the appropriate MW list, and records the stats on the appropriate campaign.

I would appreciate any direction or suggestions folks may have to offer as well, and if you're interested, please reply, and I will send you my Skype or Whatsapp information.

Thanks everyone.