Need Advice On Simple Dashboard + Reports

Jatin Sahani

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Hi Guys,

I'm working on building new Simple Dashboard for customer panel for now i'm taking inspiration from MailChimp + MPZ Mail Dashboard. But would love to here from you guys for suggestions.

Also need to see few options and suggestions for Reports.

Thanks looking forward to your suggestions :)
My 2 cents -

1. Relative graphs on dashboard - A graph with delivery statistics (open/click/bounce etc) for 3 months and one with subscriber details (growth,bounces,unsubscribes etc) for 3 months. If you want to make it complex, go for a pie diagram depicting % of types of devices used by the subscribers to respond to the emails and another one for showing campaign responses by geography. So total 4 graphs.
2. If you're looking at customers with basic knowledge, rename campaigns as "Compose" and Lists as "Contacts" on left menu. Under "Compose", give 4 sub menus compose a regular campaign, compose an auto responder, Groups and global custom/dynamic tags (You may include the last two options under some other menu). Under contacts, All contacts/subscribers, Contact/Subscriber lists, tools and "Suppression list". On the tools page, you can put that "Toggle filter form" option with a different name like "Filters". Because "Toggle filter forms" may go unnoticed in the present design and the name makes a complex sense to me.
3. There should be a new left menu item - Statistics. On the statistics page, list all campaigns with more fields - bounces, clicks, opens, abuse reports, etc etc. This is very helpful in comparing the campaigns. Also, there should be an option to export basic stats of all campaigns. When clocked on a single campaign, replace all the graphs there with a single relative graph, with sent, bounce, opens etc. Also you can include a pie chart for user agents.

#2 is from my experience. Replacing some terms with something that basic customers used to is a good idea for sure.

Add/remove based on your logic and expert advises ;)
My Suggestions

1. Add a ISP Wise Reports(Pi Charts) for Open/Bounces/Report abuse/Unsubscribe)
2. 24 Hours Performance pattern graph( a Graph contains the opening pattern of any campaign distributed in 24 hr time Slots) to find out best possible time to send campaign.
3. More Better Dashboard for List : ISP wise distribution of any list
4. Total Email Delivered in Last 24 Hours/1 Week/1 Month/3 months/
5. Filter Campaigns Based on Dates in between