national language Location - Zones

I can translate into their national language, Location - Zones?
This will not affect the script?
Or the value of the data linked to the executable functions?
You can translate those just fine ;)
"Álava" "AL" "Spain" "Active"
Which of these attributes is used in scripts integration? "AL" ??

When you delete a warning.
Can I delete or add to the zone?

!!!As your country make the first on the list?!!!
how to disable all countries except my own?
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@Artem Shymilov - All rge countries and zones are stored in database, you can use phpmyadmin and do whatever you like with them.
The tables are mw_country and mw_zone.
"Country" and "city" are involved only when the user logs?
If you remove all of the country and leave only their own, it is further sogdast problems in the formation of geo-card opening letters