My delivery servers disappeared.


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First day I set up, verified the server, and all tests were successful.
The next day the message Email delivery is disabled at the moment, please try again later!
In servers there are zero. I created other one. Tests ok.
The next day the message again.
Again, in delivery servers "no results found"
I really doubt delivery server disappear in thin air without a reason.
My hunch is that you have added them in /backend and you are in /customer area and you don't see them there, which is normal.
If the above does not apply, maybe change your passwords.

Also, it worth looking inside Backend -> Misc -> Application log to see if you get some activity relating to this.
Seem like if you have open in the same browser backend and customer, same user, same time, happen something weird.
I created other customer, and set up a new one list, new one campaigns.
Rigth now seem like all is working OK.