mx check internal server error

Tamer Aljabali

New Member
hi there

i have last version of mailwizz

once i make enable the mx check in importing process
from the file CEmailValidator.php

the import process gets more slow .. (is ok with me)
but some times i get internal server error responce in the middle of import process
see this image :

this happens after if the checking interval takes some time more than useual

but my php config for max_execution_time is 86400 second

so what could be the problem

thank you
That's actually also the reason why i have disabled that check by default, it simply is too unpredictable when doing bulk checks.
Your best luck is to look in the server logs and try to spot any issue, or in the application log.
Other than that, you can try to enable debugging when doing such import and at least get a stack trace to the problem.