`mw_campaign_track_url` Not matching what I'm actually getting


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I'm looking at the table: `mw_campaign_track_url`

When I do: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `mw_campaign_track`_url WHERE DATE(date_added) = CURDATE();

I get back one result, say 100 records. However, I'm redirecting clicks to a third party click tracker tool and I'm seeing 4 total clicks. It's important to note that the third party tool is showing me both Total Clicks and Unique Clicks. How is it that I'm seeing WAY more clicks from mw_campaign_track_url than I am actually getting?

Is there an internal issue with MailWizz? Does mw_campaign_track_url perhaps not show total clicks?
That table also has fields for date_added which you can look at and see when the clicks have been made and also ip and user agent, so you can see from where the requests were made.
If mailwizz says there were 100 clicks, it means there were 100.