Multiples sleep thread

Joseph smith

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Hi there,
I have a doubt, for example when a campaign is processing then switch to sending out state, automatically the system created tons thread MYSQL sleep according to MYTOP I do know this should be link to PCNTL because this function creates multiple PHP INSTANCES and this means multiple connections until here no problem.

however, is it normal that several ones are sleeping? doing nothing in the database source? and just couple of ones are INSERT, OR just SLEEP state. this is something to worry... I have set 2K max_connections and some peak test it looks like breaking that throwing TOO MANY CONNECTIONS. already increased of course.

But it something that I won't doubt it.

nothing to behind here & Regards



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@Joseph smith - if you are running 100 processes at once, and need to wait for them all to finish, some of them will finish earlier than others, so those are the ones that looks like they do nothing, they just wait for the other processes to finish, they stay idle till php decides to close those connections, which is most likely at the end of the process. So it's just how things work.