Multiple segmenting


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I am still new at this, so please bear with me... :)

Is it possible to use multiple segments when sending out a campaign? E.g. women, aged between 45-55, living in a certain area.

From what I can see now is that there is a possibility to use one segment only.
If I understand correctly what you are after, it might be here
backend->customers->groups->lists->max segment conditions
Lemme know :)

I have three there, I guess it's standard. The thing is that when I create a campaign, I am presented with one (!) dropdown menu where I can select one segment. There is no combination of these three segments.
If you have a look at the segments of your list(s) you want to use, are all the tags you need for the campaign there?
Well, I have the segments, but I have only the option to choose one of them, not a combination of them, e.g. segment1 AND segment2 AND segment3.
Not sure how this looks at your end (or if I fully understand),
can you see, under lists, the different segments of the list you want to use?
And have they been created by using the available list custom field tags?
@OptiBiz1 - A segment by definition is a list of conditions.
So you define it and put your conditions there ( women, aged between 45-55, living in a certain area. ) then select that segment in campaign.