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Richard Keller

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We're a digital agency that manages email campaigns on behalf of a few of our clients.

Scenario is as follows:
  • There are multiple people on our internal team who need access to all our client's email campaigns
  • We have multiple clients for whom we send multiple campaigns per day
What's the best way of handling the above scenario?
Does each person on our team need to be set up as a separate customer?
I think this is very straight forward, set each client separately in mailwizz, then your people use the login to login into those accounts and manage the campaigns.
Ok cool. I guess we are used to Sendy, where it's possible to create "Brands" that are represented just by a single name. Then, upon logging in, you select the brand that you want to work with.

So to clarify, am I correct in saying that there's no way to create a customer in Mailwizz where the customer is just represented by a company name? For example, I can't create a customer called "Acme Corporation" without filling out the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields for that customer?
Mailwizz works a bit differently, mailwizz has customers, which you can think at as brands. Your people can then login in backend area and impersonate what customer they need to, this was they don't even need to know the logins for those customers. And your customers can have generic info.
Hi Richard,

With you saying your staff need access to ALL email campaigns then its better to just have 1 Customer account as MailWizz supports multiple logins to the same customer. So staff member 1, 2 and 3 could all be logged in at the same time under the same customer account.

Go to Campaigns and then Groups, create a group of each of your clients i.e (Amazon, Tescos, McDonalds). Then when you guys are setting the campaigns up depending on which client it is for make sure you assign the email under the clients Group name. That way it makes things easier when your trying to find a campaign you can search for it by Group Name instead of having to go through the list of all campaigns.

Also doing it that way instead of giving each staff member access to the backend means they cant mess with any of the settings.

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