Multiple Bounces of Same Email Addresses

Dan O'Shea

I use Hide My IP and GSA Email Verifier and this worked great in the past to keep my bounce rate below 5%, critical to use Amazon SES.

However, in my past two campaigns, my bounce rate has been over 25%-30%. I've several hours tightening the programs up - GSA Email Verifier (updating and settings), Hide My IP (updating and settings in the program/firewall/browser) and with Windows 10. Still, recent campaign over 30%.

I went into "Details" for bounces and it is showing 5 bounces for each and every email address!

Is it a bug? And how to stop this as I'm afraid Amazon SES my suspend the account if it continues.
Hey man, long time since you've visited us :D
For your issue, indeed there might be an issue that i think i have fixed in the dev branch.
The fix is:
1. Open the file apps/frontend/controllers/DswhController.php and make the init() method look like:
public function init()
    ini_set('memory_limit', -1);
    sleep(rand(1, 5)); // this helps when slow database servers
2. Open the file apps/common/models/CampaignBounceLog.php and after:
public static function model($className=__CLASS__)
    return parent::model($className);

add this new method:
protected function beforeSave()
    $duplicate = self::model()->findByAttributes(array(
        'campaign_id'   => (int)$this->campaign_id,
        'subscriber_id' => (int)$this->subscriber_id,
    if (!empty($duplicate)) {
        return false;

    return parent::beforeSave();

Then save and let me know if that fixes it. It should.
Ok. Yes, I've been busy with clients and the program has been working great! Hence, quiet! I do get the forum posts everyday so I see it's working fabulous. :)

Btw, I haven't updated in a while and will it be a problem?
Also, with the bounce issue, is that just an internal thing or is Amazon reading that many bounces?

Thx Serban.
We fixed lots of issues in version, so if possible you should upgrade, but as always, backup the data before, just in case...and if your database is bigger, use the command line updater.
As for the bounces, the tricky part is that amazon should send notifications about a single email address only once, i don't know why they send it 5 times, it's very weird. But yeah, if mailwizz registers same email bounced 5 times it means amazon sent it 5 times.

P.S: Really glad to hear things go well for you ;)
I updated to and it went extremely and amazingly smooth. Your code must be exceptional.
Question: Do I need to apply the above FIX for the multiple bounces if I upgraded to the latest version??