Multi-Threading Engine

Jesse James

Hey guys,

Hope y'all doing good.

I would like to develop a multi-threading plugin for MW. to send email faster.
this plugin will allow the admin to choose how many simultaneous connections. once enabled it will apply for all the SMTPs on the Delivery Servers section.

I need to know if this is possible ?

Can you please help me out with suggestions to make this work

You should be able to achieve that quite easily with parallel sending and the right size servers. You might want to look at other areas of possible bottleneck such as TCP connections,

This might be useful to you.

I've been reading recently that Ubuntu seems to have the most issues with sending rate, I have no idea as to why at this point but I'm going to do some tests as I use Ubuntu.

PHP limits/setup will impact send rate as well. You might want to look at php-fpm which is now available for apache 2.4, haven't done it yet but testing this kind of setup

To give you an idea of throughput possible I have:

2 x 8GB, 8 Core frontends
3 x 8GB 8 Core MySQL cluster
1 x 8GB 8 Core Redis server.
Parallel sending set to 30 worker processes on each frontend.
I can easily achieve 500,000 per hour without hitting limits.

Hopefully the above will help.

Hi Rob

Can you please give some more pointers regarding php settings and mysql settings to improve speed. I am using redis and for some reason cannot even send more than 20,000 emails an hour. I am guessing something in my php or mysql configuration is causing the slow response.
Hi Rob,

I am using Mandrill and Amazon SES API and both have hourly 150k email sending limits.

I can send hourly 15k emails only.