Multi Servers


The FROM will match automatically if the servers have same config.
But keep in mind that if you use various delivery server types, some of them might use the FROM as defined in their configuration and not as defined in campaigns params (amazon ses is one of them for example).

I will explain in more details what I need:

My sending servers are 2 different machines with different "From Email" field, different Sending Domains and different Tracking Domains.
The "Force From" is set to "Always".

When sending a Campaign I want to choose both 2 sending servers but does this way match the "From Email" field on the server config from each sending server?

I did some tests but emails are send only from 1 server. Am I missing something here?
And you say you have selected those 2 servers for that particular campaign, right ? (checked them in the setup check of the campaign)
Well in this case it should work like you described, it should send only from those two servers using the from address from the server configuration, at least that's what happens in the test i did.
In my case i am sending to 100 subscribers at once and change the servers at 50 so during sending, in the middle of the process, the server is changed for the second one.
Makes sense ?
Yes. Nice trick
This is done here: /backend/customers/groups/update/id/1
In customer groups?

Only in this path?