Moving subscribers manually between lists

Rafael Cruz

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Hey guys,

I want to move (manually) some subscribers between the List A to list B.

Ex: List A - 70 Subscribers (20 of this need to be moving to list B)
List B - 0 Subscriber

There are some way to do that?


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Need to clarify this please..
Do you mean you want to move 20 subscribers out of 70 subscribers from List A to List B?

Rafael Cruz

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Kolly, there was only a example. I simply want to move contacts between lists. Manually.

For clarify, yes, we can consider the move 20 subscribers out of 70 subscribers from List A to List B.


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Hello @Rafael Cruz ,
Currently, this is not possible with mailwizz, the only available option is "Copy All" from one list to another segment....

Maybe, @twisted1919 should include a kind of "select subscribers" and then option to export that subscribers and then import to another list Ex: export "selected subscribers" from "LIST A" and then import to "LIST B" . OR, "select subscribers" and copy selected to another list.
Which ever come first....

Thank You!;)


Follow up for this function @twisted1919
Do you know if there is any news for this request? Doing a manual move action instead of just doing it in campaign creation?
Would be great!