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Can I move my application / database to a new server AND change the domain from .net to .com?

Thank you
Where do I find my license so I can update it?
When I go to License in the backend, I see a Purchase Code and this: ***********************
Thanks, fixed. It took a little digging on their site to find it.

Could you point me to an article on how to correctly set up bounced mail processing? Clearly on my prior server it was wrong. For this server I set up both the sending and bounce email as the same., I just got back hundreds of bounces. :)
This means it's properly setup, though, getting hundred bounces isn't really healthy...
Hi, I'm not doubting you as I had just enough knowledge to set this up and get it running. I used the same email address to send from and as the bounce email. My Gmail account brings them in and takes them from the server, so I don't think Mailwizz got a chance to act on them. I have 0 bounces from the 5 newsletters I sent this morning to over 1000 subscribers. I am manually marking them all as unsubscribed.

Is there a better way to set this up to automatically process bounces?

I think what you're saying is that you use a gmail address for sending and bounces, right?
This means your delivery server is gmail. Did you try to also use it as a bounce server using imap/pop3 ?
Mailwizz looks for unread messages when it connects to imap/pop3 as a bounce server, so if you still have the emails in that inbox, mailwizz will be able to fetch them.
Another way to go about this is to send your emails through amazon ses / mailgun / sendgrid / etc where mailwizz will do bounce processing automatically for you.
Sorry for not being clear. It's a simple email account created through cPanel. I use Gmail to import the emails. Previously I was not leaving them on the server, now I leave them on the server so that Mailwizz can pick them up as bounces.
Today was day 2, significantly better after I manually unsubscribed the hundreds from yesterday, only 30 or so today. All of the emails were on the server, but not one was marked as bounced. In fact I looked back over the years and not one email has ever been marked as bounced, so it's clear I didn't set it up correctly in the past or after the move. There were 5 marked as unsubscribed yesterday and 5 again today. That is also odd as I usually get 1 or fewer unsubscribes in a week.
Here are my cron jobs. The email are sending, but it's not impossible I set these up wrong. Could you take a peek?

cPanel - Cron Jobs.png
Thanks for explaining, it makes things much clear now.
I see you have your cron job handler for bounces, so that should work just fine.

Did you ever try to run the cron job for bounce handling manually?
/usr/local/bin/ea-php70 -q /home/path..../apps/console/console.php bounce-handler --verbose=1
This will show you a lot of information in the ssh terminal when you run it manually.

If you have difficulties doing this, please open a support ticket, include ssh access to the server, and we will do this for you and see what we get.