Move contats fast

Move Contacts fast

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Julio Cunha

New Member
It has some fast method to move contacts from one list to another? I tried to give an update directly in the MySql(update in list_id), but does not appear no contact information on the target list.
You just have to update the mw_list_subscriber table, from phpmyadmin, like:
UPDATE mw_list_subscriber SET list_id = X WHERE list_id = Y and email LIKE '';
I try this, but the subscriber after change stay invisible on the new list... What is wrong?

I use: UPDATE mw_list_subscriber SET list_id = 58 WHERE list_id < 58 and email LIKE '' limit 10 (for test I limited;) ;
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Right, because you also have to update the list_field table and set the right list_id. So do that and let's see afterwards.
I can try other method, export All Subscriber with SQL in CSV, after DELETE from mw_list_subscriber ? But the table mw_list_field_value have some values?!
Why not use a tool like open office or the like, separate the subscribers there based on the domain, split them on lists, then import them in different lists in mailwizz.
Or, create a single list in mailwizz, and create segments for each domain you need to.
The Mailwizz is very good to manage the lists. We have several projects and I'm using it for the very large volume of data. Only in this respect he sinned. I did not make it to segment a list with 1 million entries by the tool, for example.
@Julio Cunha - Then the only option is to split those subscribers externally, in a Office tool (MS Office / open Office / ETC) then import them in mailwizz as you wish.