Move a list with all custom fields and segments from one client to another

Unfortunately there's nothing built into the app to do this, you're literally going to export the list and segments and then import them in the other customer account.
is there a way to do export custom fields as well
When you export from the list, it will export the custom fields too, and when you import the subscribers in the new list, it will create the fields too(just the regular simple fields, not dropdown, checkboxes, etc which are impossible to restore).
not dropdown, checkboxes, etc which are impossible to restore
It does restore the values of those, right? And the field name will be the dropdown/checkbox/etc name, right? So it might not be too hard to restore, perhaps one needs to build the list structure first, then import? So that could be the hint how to make it exportable: by exporting the list structure, can this be done?