Mostly working, one 500 error killing me.


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I am running Mailwizz on an ubuntu vps. I won't run apache, so we're on nginx here. Using php5-fpm too.

Mailwizz is working 99% fine. I can send, I have tried multiple methods and they all "work". My problem is with bounce and other error processing. I am using Sparkpost and the Sparkpost Api server type is working fine for sending, but when it attempts to connect and send the bounces and complaints via the web hook nginx is returning a 500 internal server error. Not every post to the web hook from Sparkpost is getting the 500, just about 9 out of 10 are. Some are getting a 200 and going through fine.

I played around a bit and just can't figure this one out. I need the 500's to stop so my lists are cleaner and I am not causing any problems for any providers.

Who can help me? I probably need someone to get on the server and debug to solve this.
Not from what I could see. I changed them to debug mode and they showed a lot more data, but nothing that seemed relevant to me. Which is why I think someone else should probably try debugging this.