More Tracking Domain Info Please

Alan Tutt

New Member
I'm checking into setting up tracking domains so I can have all links for a customer account point to the main website for that account rather than the domain on which MailWizz is installed.

I have the MailWizz domain on a dedicated IP address, although this one IP address is used for the root domain as well as the subdomain. (MailWizz is installed on a subdomain.)

My customer account website is on a separate IP address on the same server.

I've set up a CNAME reference in the customer domain DNS records, restarted Apache, waited more than 48 hours, and when I reference the tracking (sub)domain (, it doesn't point to the MailWizz subdomain (

Does the MailWizz SUBdomain need to be on it's own dedicated IP address, separate from the root domain?

I'm on a CPanel VPS, if that matters.