more than one tracking url

Sandor K

New Member
Hi guys,

My delivery server has a tracking domain set up so every customer is using that when sending out a campaign. ( )
My customer has added two separate tracking domains ( , )

I just sent a test campaign from the customer's side, but it's still using instead of the one what the customer set up.

Also, i thought when they have more than one tracking domain added to their account, the system will select automatically the tracking domain, based on the FROM email address. ( From: will use tracking domain )

So how this exactly works? What do I need to set up to allow customers to use their own tracking domains?
If there are more than one tracking domain, which one will be used in the campaign?

Thank you!
It's all about the delivery server. Whatever delivery server does the sending, it will use the tracking domain associated with it.
Ok, how about selecting multiple tracking domains in the customers side? Let's say there is no tracking domain set up for the delivery server.
How can the customer choose whether they want to use or as a tracking domain?
They want to match the tracking domain with the FROM email's domain.
Just force FROM email for the delivery server and associate with a tracking domain. Duplicate the delivery server as needed for each tracking domain. Simple.