Modifying temp queue tables size


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I see in latest MailWizz it says this:

$limit = (int)Yii::app()->params['send.campaigns.command.tempQueueTables.copyAtOnce'];

Does that mean we need to put this in main-custom.php:

'params' => array(
'send.campaigns.command.useTempQueueTables' => true,
'send.campaigns.command.tempQueueTables.copyAtOnce' => 5000,



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@Lakjin - If you need to add custom params, add them in custom-main.php 'params' and keep in mind, the params added in custom-main.php will overwrite the params from custom.php.
send.campaigns.command.tempQueueTables.copyAtOnce' => 5000,
this is defined in main.php all ready and if you defined in main-custom.php you will overwrite it.