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Just bought the mailwhiz system, but its not working as I expected, emails not sent when add sendgrid or mandrill, and with php email, I have set hourly limit 100 as bluehost has 150 per hour limit, when I send the campaign with PHP mail with per hourly configuration (for 6000 subscribers), campaign is sent immediately for all 6000 and 100 become successfull and rest 5900 become as delivered error

When you say mandrill and sendgrid do not work, what exactly do you mean, you get any specific error?
Did you try to use their WEB API implementations instead of using the SMTP ?

For the hourly limit thing, how many active delivery servers you have?
In Backend -> Settings -> Cron, how many subscribers at once ?

Let me know.

Can you please help me to setup the as following ,
I want Mailwizz to send the campaign per hourly 100 email, I set Backend -> Settings -> Cron, 150 subscribers , but that doesnot solve the issue.
when I set the sengrid or mandrill, I donot get any specific error in backend->campaign deleivery logs, and campaign status just showing Pending-sending,
if you want to try and see I can give my sendgrid accont or mandrill account.
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You'll have to learn to manage mailwizz yourself because i will not be around always to help you at the smallest issue ;) so this is the only time when i do things for you ;)
I have adjusted your backend settings so you can try sending another campaign now and see how it goes.

For sendgrid/mandrill, create them yourself but don't create SMTP servers, instead create http://emarketing.networkqatar.com/backend/index.php/delivery-servers/create/type/mandrill-web-api and http://emarketing.networkqatar.com/backend/index.php/delivery-servers/create/type/sendgrid-web-api
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You have tooltips that explains absolutely all you need to know. What exactly is unclear to you ?
I read many articles and tutorials , but still it doesnot way as I expecting, I just sent a new campaign with the configuration you made,
within 1 minutes 6% completed and report shows as follow
  • 378 Processed
  • 73 Delivery success
  • 19.312% Delivery success rate
  • 305 Delivery error
  • 80.688% Delivery error rate
so why 305 emails goes to deliver error, I reduced per min email to 5 and Subscribers at once to 5, to see how it works,
If you have set 50 subscribers at once and the cron job runs each minute, it simply means that it will run once a minute, will send to 50 subscribers and then it will end. So i don't see how it will sent to 378 in a minute.

If you look at http://emarketing.networkqatar.com/backend/index.php/misc/campaigns-delivery-logs you also get lots of errors because php's mail() function cannot keep up with mailwizz and errors out with "Could not instantiate mail function.", so you should switch to a better delivery method.
I just removed all delivery servers and added mandrillapp only, and I have 12000 emails in my package, but the campaign is not send with mandrill, can you please check, if mailwizz not working with sendgrid or mandrill then I want to refund money..
The 9% shown in the campaign was sent by PHPMAIL, and then i paused the campaign and restarted with the mandrill as delivery server, there after its not sending any emails, even If I create a fresh campaign it wonot send, I donot get any specific error in log
Yeah, because i have a hunch your host has either disabled the cron jobs or they have altered the frequency ;)