Migrating Mailwizz to a new server

I have used MW Backup Manager a couple of times. Makes it much easier for a limited tech like myself to get the job done.

Double check you back everything up first!!! I'd even make a backup from Cpanel and store it local just in case. Good luck!
OK thanks. Looks like it's a good reason to get the Backup manager. I don't wanna use cPanel anymore because it doesn't make sense to use it only once and never to touch it again for like how many donkey years?!?!? And have to pay $15-$20 extra for that?!?!?
If you are comfortable backing up your DB you can do it without. I did it that way the first time a few years back. But for not being a server admin by trade, it took more time doing it the "hard way". I'm of course not an affiliate ;) It's a timesaver for me.