Merging Lists

I have a list with 31 auto-responder campaigns attached to it. The first message is sent 5 min after subscribing and the Follow-up 1 message 1 day after, and then everyday for a month.

I have a second list with only the first message that is sent 5 min after subscribing. I want to attach this list to the auto-responder campaigns and send the Follow-up 1 message 1 day after and the remaining messages just the same.

I have a third list with 4 messages and I want to attach it to the auto-responder campaigns starting at Follow-up 4, which is 4 days later.

And I will have other lists like this that I want to attach to the same set of campaigns.

I tried to merge list 1 and 2 in Follow-up one, but it just won't save as the campaign has started sending...
I am not to recreate new campaigns each time I add list to those campaigns and even pausing and editing each campaign to add a list is not ideal.

How can this be done easily?
There's no easy way for this than to duplicate your campaign and attach the right list to it.
I do not see the point of duplicating a campaign 5 times multiplied by 30 campaigns...

What about allowing to add a list to a campaign even when it has started?
OK. I'll try to manage with segmentation.

And by the way, the way to segment is very limited.
I can't segment by date of subscription for example and I can't also create a segment to exclude from a campaign for a list.