Merged List - question


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I have a question regarding the merged-type lists. I would like to add two parametres:

1.) If anybody subscribes to one of my lists, then they automatically subscribe to my other list, a merged – type one, for example.


2.) After sending the campaign to a couple of lists, the system creates a merged-type list. I would like the following setting to be activated: the person, who unsubscribes from one of the lists from which the campaign was sent is automatically deleted from the earlier created, the merged-type list namely. I know, that it can be done manually, but is it possible for these settings to enabled avery time the merged-type list gets created?

For now, if anybody unsubscribes from the merged-type list, their subscription is deleted from the lesser list automatically, but what I would like is for it to work both ways.

Is this possible?
@karolchojnacki - after you created your merged list, try to update it. You will see it has this area:
Screenshot 2019-08-06 11.18.00.png
Which might do what you are after ;)

Also, don't put to much work in merged lists, we will remove them in mailwizz 2.0, hopefully we will not need to merge the lists together.
Thanks for reply,

On screen i can see that i can remove people when they exist on 2 list pararell.. I want to set, "when subscriber will subscribe into this list, subscribe him to list below too." :)

What will the next update be about? :)