mdp -go bounce address issue



i have an issue i have been really unable to resolve.

the return path, bounce address when only using mdp-go is wrong and not the one specified in the MW bounce server.

for some reason the mdp-go process is combing the smtp username and the server hostname to create a return path address, and the correct bounce address is pushed into the x-sender header

i've tried playing around with it on PMTA and mail-tester but not getting anywhere near a solution

any ideas? Not sure why this is happening.

i should add that pmta cannot set headers, whilst i can try limit them, it is the feeding application that is doing this for some reason

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@Jason - Things is MDP itself does not set any return path header.
If you take a random email from the pickup directory, does it contain the right headers?
Yes, I know which is confusing as to what in mail wize is putting this random return path together.

Yes all correct apart from the return path email address. The bounce server email address is being pushed into x-sender header

I have nothing left to test as far as this goes.

When sending from as a normal smtp server, using the same details, it is fine
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