Mass email function


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After upgrade to function stopped working. I mean this function: /backend/customers/mass-emails/index

In /backend/transactional-emails/index i see this messages with unsent status. Application log don't show any error with this.

Other transactional emails (ex. subscribe confirmation, delivery server confirmation etc) works fine.

Any idea?
Hmm, not sure, i haven't really worked on that area for a while...
Sometimes the transactional emails queue is larger so sending might take a while, maybe is that?
Nope, quene have 8 messages (yes eight). Before upgrade this function works for me like a charm.
Try to force it from command line maybe? run the command for transactional emails (the one from the cron job) by hand from command line, several times, and see what you get.
"force it from command line" - nothing happen :-(.
Additional info - when I resend message, which I send in past from mass email function - it's working
When I send new message / messages from mass email function all messages go to unsent status.

I don't have any idea :-(