mandrill as sending server for all customer

pradeep sharma

Active Member
today i was trying to add a sending server as mandrill API and i successfully added and configured it properly. for my mailwizz install on domain called(ex:
but when i send a campaign from a dummy customer account having(from email ex it wasnt send as i received error on mandrill outbound activity and rejected: reason unsigned. what i understood is mandrill wants all the sending from domain to be verified by mandrill with DKIM & SPF
i was planning to use mandrill from sending some of my volume with it and it seems to be impossible as i dont want my customer to verify and their domain as per mandrill.
is there any possible way to get it done.

Mandrill changed their policy related to sending because too much spam was going on into their networks, and now, afaik, you'll have to use a verified domain if you want to send with them, there's no other way.